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What is a headband wig?

Head band wigs are new and were first introduced by The Essence of Hair as an alternative for lace front wigs and sew ins. A head band wig comes with a standard black band around the circumference of the wig. The wig is secured with a velcro strap. The headband on the wig can be covered with other cute and stylish headbands. Some people love to match their hand bands up with their outfits or blouses. 

What styles do headband wigs come in?

Headband wigs come as short as 12 inches and on average as long as 24 inches long.  The most popular lengths include 18 inches and 24 inches. Headband wigs come in Straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave, and Kinky Curly.  The Deep Wave Head Band Wig is very popular because of its very pretty wave pattern. Deep Wave Hair can be worn poofy and big or in a more compressed wave more flat to the head. Women love the versatility when styling their headband wig. 

Is a Headband wig for you?

  • If you do not have edges or are suffering with a health condition that is effecting your hair growth or retention, you would be a great candidate for a headband wig.
  • If you do not want to be bothered with glue or lace tape adhesives, a head band wig is for you.
  • If you need a quick hair style and are good with slicking your edges into a cute pattern, a headband wig is for you.
  • If you work out a lot and need to shampoo or clean your hair often, a head band wig would be a good alternative if one still wanted to wear hair extensions. 

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