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757 Hampton Roads Virginia Stylist

  • Virginia Verified Stylist

    If you need a legit and verified stylist in the 757 Hampton Roads Area of Virginia, use the stylist on this list. These stylist actually exist and provide great services.
  • Hampton University Hair

    Hair and Wigs for Hampton University Students, both on and off campus.
  • Natural Hair Weave Lengths

    When you think of weave , most think of long hair. Weave can be any length. Natural Hair Lengths can be 10" , 12", 14" inches primarily. This can also include 16".
  • What made you purchase your first set of bundles ?

    I purchased my first set of bundles because I was wondering what everyone was talking about. I saw girls getting long length hair. They were able t...
  • Why are people buying bundles?

    People are buying better quality hair that lasts. Who wouldn't want hair that can be won and reinstalled multiple times? The bundle hair can be washed and conditioned. It can be curled, cut, crimped, colored, etc. You can wear your hair straight one day and then spiral curl it or wand curl it the next.
  • What is so good about Bundles?

    When you purchase bundles from The Essence of Hair, you can expect quality. Most hair is versatile. Body Wave hair can be straightened , curled, and crimped. It can be shampoo'd and conditioned for multiple reinstalls. You can lift this hair up to a #27 and process other hair dye color on it. 

    This hair can be purchased in all types of curl patterns. Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, and Deep Curly is available. This hair typically comes in lengths 12" - 30" inches. All hair comes in a weight of 3.2-3.5 oz per bundle. The shorter the length of hair the more weft you will receive in your purchased bundle. The longer the weft the less track / weft you will see in your bundle of hair. 

  • What to get your loved one for Valentines Day?

    Surprise her with things that she loves. Many women love hair. Hair makes a woman feel on top of the world. Imagine if you got her some awesome qua...
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  • Have you ever cut your hair short?

    Have you ever cut your hair short? Why do people cut their hair short? Many people get afraid of the idea while others feel as though its just hair...
  • All About Bob Wigs

    What is a bob? A bob is a hairstyle that is on average about 10", 12", or 14" long. This style can be achieved with any type of sew in extensions ...
  • Event Venue in Newport News, Virginia

    Event Central is located in the heart of the Historic Hilton area of Newport News, VA. They are a very popular and affordable event venue. They are...
  • What is The Essence of Hair ?

    The Essence of Hair is a beauty supplier headquartered in Newport News, VA. They provide essential hair care solutions for all people. The Essence...