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Natural Hair Weave Lengths

 Natural Hair Weave Lengths

When you think of weave , most think of long hair. Weave can be any length. Natural Hair Lengths can be 10" , 12", 14" inches primarily. This can also include 16".

These inches are also associated with Bob Length Hair Styles. The HD Bob Lace Wigs are already made. You simply order , have it shipped, delivered or picked up . Once you receive it, you can install the wig yourself or have a stylist of your choice do it.  Some people like these lengths that sit near the shoulder or bra strap lines. it can be more manageable and longer lasting than the longer lengths that can take more time to manipulate. Manipulating hair can mean curling it , wanding it, crimping it, or straightening it. Some people like to wear weave that gives a more professional realistic look. Many people natural hair tends to grow to these lengths which cause some people to want to wear longer weaves. 

These lengths can look stylish with Silky Straight Hair. It can be blendable with a Lace Closure or Lace Frontal. The weave style can also be sewn onto the hair with hair left out in the middle for a partial sew in style. The weave can be cut into a customized length to complement the persons natural neck and shoulder lines. The hair can be cut into a chic asymmetrical bob. This is where the hair is longer on one side and shorter on the other. Some stylist may cut layers into the hair to create a more edgy but still a natural look. Feathered layers can also be achieved. 

Curly or Wavy Hair can be cute . Many people love these styles where you can just wet it and go. In the summer time , its not uncommon to see shorter lengths curly or wavy styles. Often times it is hot in most places in the United States. Not everyone wants longer hair past the shoulders that would make them feel hotter. They simply want their hair done in a cute style in a less is best manner. 


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