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What is the 5A , 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A, 12A in the grading system?

Many have heard of the grading system when purchasing hair. Some hair companies may try to sell you 9A hair while others try to sell you the same hair as 10A or 5A. There is no standardized grading system that is universal to the hair industry. Multiple hair companies could be calling their hair the same name and the quality could be on opposite ends of the spectrum.

So, who has the best hair?

Many may wonder how could they break the code of knowing who has the best hair or the most affordable hair for the quality. At The Essence of Hair, staff are highly trained by the Elite Kiva King of Amyds Academy. She knows hair in and out. Kiva King knows all there is to know about the hair industry. She comes highly recommended by many of the clients she has serviced over the years. She has met with renowned international celebrity stylist to provide them with the best hair in various styles for their high profile clients. Many stylist come to The Essence of Hair because the staff have been personally trained by her Academy 

The Essence of Hair sells hair that satisfies plenty in the market. They sell virgin and raw hair. Raw hair lasts longer and consistently looks neat in appearance with less maintenance. Raw hair is known to be on the pricier side and is typically worn by the ones that want to look fabulous on camera and out in about in the world. Virgin hair comes in the same curl patterns as most of the raw hair does. It is an excellent alternative to the Raw Hair. The quality is amazing especially when compared to the price. Britt Townsend stated "the hair is the best". 

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