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Why do people love hair extensions ?

People just love hair extensions. They are very versatile and allow for a change in appearance rather quickly. Many people love the hair on their head but they also love a good hair store like The Essence of Hair in Newport News, VA. Here they can transform the look of their hair to straight, wavy, or curly. They have a number of different curl patterns and lengths available. They have lengths as short as 10 inches and as long as 50 inches. Some people love the bob lengths which are typically 10" - 14" inches. This style is beautiful when created with Straight Bundles or Deep Wave Bundles.Bob Wig

Picture of Straight Bob Wig



Picture of Deep Wave Bob


The Essence of Hair gives people the ability to transform hair looks with good quality hair. They sell virgin and raw hair extensions. Raw hair is more costly but lasts longer. This hair is popularly sold in the form of bundled hair, typically referred to as "Bundles" or "Brazilian Hair". Although the cost can be pricier, there is always an alternative or more affordable way to achieve a look. The Virgin Hair Line comes in the same styles that the Raw Hair patterns do. To see the most popular textures of hair Read More ...

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