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Why are people buying bundles?

Why are people buying bundles?

Its simple. People are buying bundles because they want better hair. Long gone the days when people preferred hair that only lasted 1 to 2 weeks. Long gone are the days when people only had mass access to hair that would matte, tangle, and shed. 

With hair from traditional beauty supply stores, you do not get this expression. The hair in those stores are mainly made with synthetic or premium mixed synthetic blended fibers. Most hair does not hold a curl. None of the hair can be manipulated as much as Brazilian hair can. You wont be able to dye the hair or color it to the desired color. You would have to purchase synthetic hair in that hair color already. 

People are buying better quality hair that lasts. Who wouldn't want hair that can be won and reinstalled multiple times? The bundle hair can be washed and conditioned. It can be curled, cut, crimped, colored, etc. You can wear your hair straight one day and then spiral curl it or wand curl it the next. The curls last in your hair for a while too. Of course the hair can be brushed out, but it may need to be flat ironed to get the hair bone straight again. Everyone loves hair that is versatile. In this day in time, everyone loves hair that allows them to express themselves. Express yourself !! 

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