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What to get your loved one for Valentines Day?

Surprise her with things that she loves. Many women love hair. Hair makes a woman feel on top of the world. Imagine if you got her some awesome quality hair extensions. Thats one less thing she would have to purchase for herself. She would totally be shocked that you would even think of her in that way. She is going to be ecstatic. She is going to be so happy hat she is going to have one of those "girl guess what " positive conversations with her friends.  "Girl my man bought me some bundles, he love me ". We aren't talking about traditional beauty supply store hair that only lasts 2 to 3 weeks. We are talking about hair from The Essence of Hair. They specialize in great quality hair extensions that lasts. If your lady is used to beauty supply store hair, she will definitely love the upgrade. You can choose from an array of curl patterns. Now what you do not want to do is wait until the last minute. We al know that there could be sudden delays due to the pandemic.   To keep things simple, would you like to see her in straight hair , wavy hair, or curly hair. All of our hair can be straightened, crimped, curled, cut, and colored. You cant get better than that. She wont need to purchase new hair for a while. And its all because you thought to purchase her some great quality hair from a company who has yall back with quality hair. Tell a friend to tell a friend. 

Other things to consider : Does she wear wigs or sew ins ?

Sew ins have been around for decades . A sew in is tracks sewed onto cornrows in her head. You may be familiar with the term tracks. Tracks are referred to as bundles at The Essence of Hair. If you are getting her bundles , 3 on average are purchased. The longer inch she likes to wear, the more bundles you need. You will need 4 bundles if you are getting 24 inches or even 5 bundles if you are getting 30 inches. Its better to have more than enough than not enough.   

Wigs are very popular . She wouldnt have to sit for sew in. She can install the wig or get a professional hair stylist to install the wig. Her hair would be braided down and the wig installed on top . 

Ideas below :

Above pictured is a Bob Style. Bobs are either 10 inches, 12 inches, or 14 inches. The center part is a frontal. This can be purchased in HD Lace , Transparent Lace, or Standard Brown Lace. This can also be achieved by purchasing a Bob Unit already made .

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