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What made you purchase your first set of bundles ?

I purchased my first set of bundles because I was wondering what everyone was talking about. I saw girls getting long length hair. They were able to turn the Brazilian hair into wigs. They were able to color the hair and curl it. That was something that was completely unheard of when it came to traditional beauty supply store hair. I also calculated the cost and noticed that it was priced higher than hair at the local beauty supply store. I also looked at how long my hair did not last when I purchased it from the traditional stores. It would last 2 to 3 weeks. In a short period of time the hair would lose its luster and shine. It was as if a chemical they had put on it was rubbing off the more I wore the hair. Within a weeks time I would have to do so much to maintain this hair. It would matte and tangle and shed. I did the math on how much I was spending every 2 to 3 weeks to get new hair. I decided to take a chance and order me some Brazilian Raw Hair Extensions. It was soft , coarse and like something i had never experienced before. Long story short that hair lasted 5 years. I still have it. It has been 10 years. I am convinced that hair never goes bad.

Fast forward to 2022, there are so many different types of hair on the market. It can be hard to choose what hair to buy that will last. So many people are selling hair extensions and it can be hard to trust people. Not all of the bundles that are being sold in your local area will give you great quality for years. Many don't know how to properly source hair that provides you with longevity. In 2022 , Brazilian hair is either Virgin Hair or Raw Hair. Hair is either single drawn or double drawn. 

Double drawn hair has more hair sewn into the weft of the hair. Single drawn hair has half of this. Most bundles are single drawn unless it is raw. Raw Hair cost more than Virgin Hair. Virgin Hair wont last as long as Raw Hair does. Virgin Hair can last all year long with proper care. This hair is more silkier than  traditional raw hair. If you are going for hair that looks relaxed, then go for this. The most popular textures are straight and body wave.

Raw Hair is coarse and is double drawn. The hair is thicker and fuller. The hair is now becoming available single drawn and more silkier than the traditional  raw hair. This is happening because some people want better quality hair extensions that are not as coarse. The single drawn raw hair is a happy medium.


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