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What is so good about Bundles?

You probably keep hearing people talking about their need for bundles and how they need to purchase some. You probably are wondering why they need that type of hair and are not frequenting the beauty supply stores for hair. 

What is the hair at the beauty supply stores like when compared to a local black owned boutique?

Hair at local beauty supply stores are of very low quality. You wont be able to wear the hair for long. You could expect matting, tangling, and shedding from beauty supply store hair. We all know that you get what you pay for when it comes to things that are purchased. This is the case here. The hair is readily accessible to last you a short period of time and to be very high maintenance when styling it. 

What is so good about Bundles?

Bundles are trending and are a favorite amongst women who like to look good. If you want an upgrade to beauty supply store hair, then you should get you some bundles.  They are softer and fuller giving you a trendy up to date look.

What should you be able to expect from bundles?

When you purchase bundles from The Essence of Hair, you can expect quality. Most hair is versatile. Body Wave hair can be straightened , curled, and crimped. It can be shampoo'd and conditioned for multiple reinstalls. You can lift this hair up to a #27 and process other hair dye color on it. 

This hair can be purchased in all types of curl patterns. Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, and Deep Curly is available. This hair typically comes in lengths 12" - 30" inches. All hair comes in a weight of 3.2-3.5 oz per bundle. The shorter the length of hair the more weft you will receive in your purchased bundle. The longer the weft the less track / weft you will see in your bundle of hair. 

What are Bundles used for?

Bundles of hair are used for partial and full sew ins. They are used for pony tail styles and half up - half down ponytail and sew in styles. Customers have used the hair for wig making with bangs. They have also used it for a Versatile or Vixen Sew in.




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