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What are closures and frontals?

A closure is a material finish used for hair styling. Closures come in an array of different sizes and lengths. The most popular size is 4x4. The closure is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. It is becoming more popular to see 5x5 and 6x6 closures. These two sizes will allow for more parting space . The 5x5 closure gives 5 inches of parting space from right to left and front to back wherever the closure is placed. 

A frontal comes standard in size 13"x4" or 13x4. Frontals also come in 13x5 and 13x6 inches. A frontal comes standard with 13 inches to go across the front of someones hair line and either 4 , 5, or 6 inches backward. Wider frontals are preferred when a wider parting space is desired. A stylist may cut the frontal to match your hairline. They may use bleach the knots with chemicals such as developer and blonde whitening powder. Some will use makeup instead and clean the parting space up to look flawless. 

Most closures are customized by bleaching the knots and plucking the closure to make a natural looking hairline. What is natural to one person may not be whats natural to another person. Customization of closures or frontals vary and will never be the same. Each stylist does something different and there have been a tin of techniques created. Every stylist will ultimately do whats best for them and the quality of hair they have been provided. 

The Essence of Hair offers closures and frontals. Closures and Frontals are available in different lace types. The most popular is standard brown lace. This is the lace that is available everywhere. Although standard lace is readily available, it is not the best lace but it is good for the price and affordable. There is always a good, better, and best with any product. The better lace is transparent. The best lace is HD lace. 

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