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Is 30 inches of hair long ?

The Essence of Hair carries bundles up to 30 inches in many different textures to include Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, and Deep Curly. They also carry hair from 30 to 50 inches for their high end customers. These customers are usually celebrity stylist or celebrities themselves. Some clients have have specil events and request long luxurious hair. They like to wear long hair because they can stand out. The long hair typically separates them from others. Some like it because they can afford the look and others cant or aren't willing to spend hundreds or thousands on their hair. Some people who admire the style know deep down inside they could not be able to maintain hair hanging past their waist. They have questions like "How do you wear your hair when you drive? , Do you put it in a pony tail? , How do you use the bathroom?".   

These are all valid questions. Many people are intrigued because they dont know too many people personally who sell this hair or let alone wear it. Some people want more answers because they want to see if they can rock the hair themselves. Once that 30 inch or longer hair is installed, clients are happy to swing the hair. They cant wait to show the world. The first thing they do is get on SnapChat and Instagram and post or go live. Now who wouldn't want to get on social media to show the world the new come up they just got installed.  Every one loves some good hair and thats on period. Bundles up to 30 inches can be purchased here. 

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