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How many bundles do I need?

Bundles are very popular when it comes to hair extensions. Bundles of hair are used to add length to a persons hair or to create an entirely new style with just the hair itself. 

Bundles come in different lengths and curl patterns. Bundles from The Essence of Hair come in lengths as short as 10 inches and on average as long as 30 inches. The Essence of Hair has been known to provide hair up to 50 inches. Hair over 40 inches is considered VIP Status at The Essence of Hair !

The amount of bundles needed depends greatly on the style desired. Popular styles include sew ins and wigs. Sew ins can be achieved in different styles by changing the technique. The most popular are partial, vixen, versatile, and full sew ins. Each sew in type requires a different amount of hair. 

The amount of bundles needed will be different depending on the types of material finishings needed. A material finish is a closure or a frontal. Both of these material finishes come in various sizes and lengths. The larger the width of the material finish the less bundled hair you would need to fill the remainder space on on a clients head. For example, a sew in using a closure that is 4x4 in size need more bundles, than a frontal that is 13 x 4 in size. The 13 x 4 inch frontal covers more space than a 4x4 closure. 

The amount of bundles vary depending on the fullness desired. The longer the hair length, the less hair weft you get. All hair is weighed and sold by the ounce. On average Bundles are 3.2 - 3.5 oz. Someone getting a sew in with 14, 16, 18 will have enough for a full head when compared to someone getting 22", 24", 26". The longer the length, the less track you get. If you are someone who wears long lengths of hair, you would need to get more than 3 bundles. For example, 3 bundles of 30" hair would not be enough for a full head of hair as 3 bundles of 18" would be.

For lengths 20 and under, many hairstylist will recommend you to purchase 3 bundles and a closure from The Essence of Hair. Some get 2 bundles and a frontal. For longer lengths, it is not uncommon for 4 to 6 bundles to be recommended for purchase.

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