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Having an Event in Hampton Roads, VA ?

So, you are having an event. You know you want it decorated. You know you need a building to have it at. You know you need a DJ. You know you need your hair and makeup done. The big question is where to go to get these tasks completed. 

Check out Event Central in Newport News, VA. It is a one stop shop for events. There is an event planner inside, a dj, a photographer, and a hair boutique, etc.

If you need hair for your event, Email:

We specialize in top of the line hair extensions.  We offer Brazilian hair in bundles and lace front wigs. There are so many different styles that can be achieved for your special day. If you are considering a short style like a bob, you can order hair in lengths 10 - 14 inches. If you want something mid length near  the bra strap, we recommend lengths 16 -20 inches. If you like hair that reaches your lower back, lengths of hair 22-26 will be ideal lengths for you. If you like extra long lengths, 28-30 inches are very popular. Keep in mind everyone has different length backs and are different heights. The best way to find the length best for your desired style would be to measure from the top middle  of your head to the desired point. You would also need to measure from the nape of your neck to wear you would want your longest length to stop. 

We carry different curl patterns. The most popular patterns are Straight, Body Wave, and Deep Wave. If you have a curl pattern in mind that you would prefer, please feel free to send us an email. Be sure to include the date of your event so we can make sure you will receive all of your hair in enough time before your special day. 

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