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Hair Styles for Prom


Prom Hair Styles? This is the question that every girl will be thinking. This is the last big event before you walk across that stage to graduate. If you want to look nice and have an elegant look , then you have to get you some hair from The Essence of Hair  They have the best hair. They have hair for everyones budget. If you need hair , want quality and dont mind your hair not lasting a year, then the Malaysian Hair is for you! If you can afford more, then you should get the Brazilian Hair . Most people get the Brazilian Body wave. You can straighten it bone straight. You can wet it and wear the body wave look. You can also wand curl it for prom. It can be dyed any color. All the hair from The Essence of Hair can be dyed, curled, straightened. They have different curl patterns and types of hair. They have all the good hair. The Brazilian Hair is not the best hair they have, its just the most popular.

The Mink Hair is amazing. Many people get so many compliments on that hair. They have Raw Straight and Wavy Hair. The luster is amazing. It looks so natural looking. It also goes up to 40 inches. Thats right 40 inches. The Brazilian only goes up to 30 inches. Why get 30 inch Brazilian when you can have 40 inch Mink Hair. If you really want to get heads turning, then try all those inches, thats if you can handle it .

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