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All About Bob Wigs

What is a bob?

A bob is a hairstyle that is on average about 10", 12", or 14" long. This style can be achieved with any type of sew in extensions from The Essence of Hair. Many make reference to Straight textured bobs when the topic arises. Bobs sit different on different people mainly because of the neck to shoulder length. Not everyone has the same length neck. Most bobs are cut bluntly. People wear the bob style cut evenly just brushing their shoulder line. Celebrities wear HD lace with their hair styes to create a flawless melted look when installed. HD Lace Closure Bobs can be purchased with 4" x 4" or 5" x 5" lace.

Asymmetrical Bobs are longer on one side than the other. Some stylists will cut the hair as short as underneath the cusps of the ear, while other stylist will go down to the base of the neck line. The other side that is intended to be longer will be curl bent to cup the chin part of the face.  Asymmetrical bobs have been trending and have been seen numerous times over the years in hair shows. An asymmetrical bob is edgy and shows talent of the hair stylist. 

Curly and Wavy Bobs are becoming the new trend in 2022. Deep Wave or Water Wave Hair Bundles can be used to achieve a quick weave bob or sew in bob. You can blend your natural hair with it or elect to use a frontal or closure at the top to complete the style. Not everyones hair will match up with the curl pattern desired for said bob unit. There may be a need for a lot of hair products and manipulation that can take a lot of time. To save time, a matching closure or frontal is used and will blend effortlessly as the curl pattern matches the hair. If you have deep wave bundles to complete the style, you should use a deep wave closure or frontal. Don't get water wave or body wave as it will be an unnecessary noticeable difference. 




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